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 I'm never afraid to try something new if it checks as a legit brand.


Quit focusing of your “L’s” and toast to your successes

I started my new job about two weeks ago after being headhunted and I'll admit I had to keep pinching myself because I simply couldn't believe it was happening to me. I went through my previous job feeling a forced... Continue Reading →

“Don’t ever think you are less of a person because society or the world says so.”

On the day the intention was to get straight to the interview but instead we caught up and ended up inhaling lunch and a couple of drinks over lots of DMC. Only after that did we start with interview, I'm... Continue Reading →

Lisa Chiriseri: “I tried to work a full time consultancy job and I hated it. I realised it wasn’t for me…”

Along my journey I have learnt that conflict resolution is not a skill it’s a lifeline!

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